Leadership, Diversity and Executive Coaching

Leadership is changing around the world. The first African American President of the United States, a woman Chancellor in Germany- these are signs that the old vestiges of leadership which included only white males are coming to a full stop.  Not a moment too soon.

There are some valuable studies that point out that more diverse leadership makes for better risk-management decisions by Executive Teams; diversity in and of itself, while good, is not a guarantee of better leadership.

Talented leaders and organizations hungry for developing those leaders need to invest strongly in initiatives that challenge leaders to grow and to get the best business results possible.

One of the most successful leadership development strategies we know of is to invest in organization-wide development executive coaching which has both a private and public component.

Executive coaching, done right-

  1. Increases alignment between Bosses and Directs
  2. Adds to increased job satisfaction and therefore increases Executive retention
  3. Increases visibility and self-management ability of leaders and top talent
  4. Adds a people-strategic talent management layer to the organization’s effectiveness
  5. Increases the ability of executives to communicate, influence and interact with greater wisdom.

How does Blackbird Leadership suggest your organization tie this in with Diversity Management?

We suggest that your organization institute a Leadership Diversity strategy for talent development.

We believe that the reason most Diversity Strategies fail is that they are “half-way measures”.  

An in-depth approach to Diversity means a revitalizing challenge to the entire talent pool of your workforce.  What is going to make your organization resonant and viable tomorrow and twenty years from now?

Who will be the leaders and the champions at both the top and the middle levels to make yours an organization that is continually recognized for what it brings to your community?

It is not enough to have isolated “one and only” Black leaders here or female leaders there.  Your organization needs to implement an attraction strategy by adding high impact leadership teams comprised mostly of leaders of color and women if you are going to meet the global diversity, complexity and inclusion challenges of this century. 

Once you have added these leaders, we can work with you to provide best-in-class retention and development strategies to solidify yourselves as a diverse organization. 

We are available to challenge and support you to do the right thing - and with the required urgency to prioritize your commitment.