Scenario III

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Scenario III

The leadership of a global law firm is not satisfied with the caliber of its lawyers immediately below the partner level. The senior associates to select for promotion are mostly white males, and several are mediocre performers. This group displays all of the signs of corporate burnout, they are often in conflict with others, and show little dedication to clients or the firm.

Blackbird Leadership’s Role:

Blackbird Leadership guides the firm’s managing partners in undertaking an inclusion-based organizational initiative. This activity is customized through an assessment of organizational dynamics, effectiveness and culture in the firm’s offices around the world through phone interviews, focus groups and surveys. Individual and team coaching are utilized as means to help associates and partners to quickly and directly address development challenges, and to support the acclimation and success of key lateral hires. A series of Effectiveness Summits are facilitated by Blackbird Leadership to provide experiential-based training to all current and new high-potential employees. In coaching, team development, and training, emphasis is placed on understanding and integrating behavior in daily work-processes which promotes inclusion. This emphasis on inclusion addresses diversity and self-awareness issues, while decreasing costly competition and conflict.

The professional development program the firm institutes, which relies on coaching and mentoring, is recognized within the industry for its excellence.


Tapping in to its own people’s potential in the two layers below partner, the firm finds it is picking among lawyers that are “best and brightest” internally and across the competition for promotion to the partner level. Partners feel committed to the success of the people they work most closely with. In addition, lateral hires are attracted to the firm’s inclusive environment, and feel supported in their assimilation and career development. Expectations are clear throughout the firm regarding development and promotion. Senior associates below the partner level feel a sense of significance in the firm, and are motivated to return accountability to the firm.


"The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of his or her organization is going to blow the competition away.
-Walter Wriston